Emotional Dialogue

As part of my MA I developed the objects „Lomelia“, „Mocoleme“ and „Estoban“, that are interactive, textile surfaces, which manifest themselves through movement and noises and call upon the people to communicate with them. The fundamental question was, if the communication with a textile surface is possible and if surfaces can trigger human emotions. With the new objects Tiwa and Pepe, the project goes beyond study and is looking forward to new challenges.

My works could be described as „Textile Interfaces“. I am interested in the possibilities that open up especially when textiles are combined with new technologies and electronics. The focus is not to develop functional aspects, but rather on the relationship between people and object and its tactile and visual qualities. Its about the personality of a textile surface quite literally.
The project received the DMY Award, the „Pappel“ Design Award and the „Pappel“ Audience Award in 2012.

with Larissa Müller, Jan Lepel, Felix Hahn, André Jeworutzki, Oliver Steenbuck
supervised by Prof. Franziska Hübler, Prof. Renata Brink
supported by Prof. Kai von Luck, Workshops, HAW Hamburg, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Martin Sponticcia a.m.m.