BA-Arbeit 2010

Communicative Organisms

The textile installation is about 15 textile objects that can communicate with the viewer through the use of technology such as LED‘s, Arduino, motors, sensors and touch screens. My interest here lies in the different possibilities of interaction and the effect on the viewer. Some objects react to light, some on the wind, others to movement, touch or Morse code on a touch screen. By creating expectations and because the behavior of the objects is not predictable, the viewer often reacts curiously inclined, amazed and even frightened. He tend to personify the object and build in some cases a kind of rapport with it. The triggering of reactions and emotions and the resulting relationship between object and viewer is my special interest and was the base for my MA-Projects.


Photos : Gesine Born
Hair and Make-up : Kathleen Basteck
Model : Nora MODELWERK