Juni – Juli 2015

Kahla Kreativ Workshop

I was one of 12 participants on KAHLA Kreativ Workshop in 2015, hosted by the Günther-Raithel-Stiftung. The topic of the 6th Workshop was “WANDELLUST”, a german word for the pleasure of travel or transformation. Of course I worked with textiles, electronics and porcelain. We had such a great time and a perfect environment for exploring the material, its potential, the factory and great support for our own works. The connections are still active and I am dreaming about coming back for working on the findings I did during and after the Workshop.

The results are on tour and will be shown in different places such as:

17.09. – 25.10.2015 Bröhan Museum Berlin

16.04. – 22.05.2016 Porzellanikon Selb

List of participants: Anna Badur (DE) , Imke Freiberg (DE)Friedrich Gerdes (DE)Rachel Harding (UK) , Svenja Keune (DE), Sophie Liechti (CH) Brynhildur Pálsdóttir (IS) , Marie-Anne Saint-Hubert (FR) , Marjukka Takala(FI) , Maria Volokhova(DE) , Alena Antonia Waggershauser (DE), Meng-Chan Yu (DE/TW)