21. - 23.02.2013

Smart Growth | Social Media Week

Growth made of PU foam and electronics
An experimental discourse.

Due to the area of the Oberhafen we offer a workshop, which link PU foam with electronics. Objects and installations will be developed, to communicate with their surrounding
and the viewer. At this workshop we learn iterative (imagine, create, play, share, reflect, imagine …), this leads quickly to prototypes, which can be shared with others, to reflect and to develop them further.
By the way you will learn what you need at the basics of programming and electronics. At the last day of the workshop, February 23rd, there will be a closing exhibition. Everything of this workshop will be well documented. This workshop is for all who are interested, you need no special knowledge.

You will find some work of the EmotionLab at our website:


21. – 23.02.2013
Stockmeyerstr. 43
Hamburg 20457